Restorative Dentistry in Murray, UT

If you have suffered injury or tooth decay that has compromised the structure, comfort and function of your smile, Dr. Paul Barlow offers customized restorative dentistry treatments. Dr. Barlow's advanced techniques and expertise can restore both natural-looking form and function to your smile. To learn more about restorative dentistry, contact our Murray office serving Salt Lake City, West Valley City and Taylorsville.

Natural-looking Crowns

A crown or cap encases a tooth in a material to restore the tooth to its natural strength and full functionality. While some cavities can be treated with fillings, severely damaged or fragile teeth may require crowns. Crowns may also replace a filling that has worn out. The crown strengthens the tooth and smoothes over imperfections to enhance one's smile. Before a crown is applied, the decayed portion of the tooth is removed. An impression of the tooth is taken so the custom-made crown will fit exactly over the dimensions of the tooth. Finally, it is applied permanently to the tooth, lending support and enhancing the tooth's appearance. Contact our Murray office to learn more about our restorative dentistry treatments.

Tooth-colored Fillings

A filling is a material used to replace a hole in a decayed tooth to restore its structure and functionality. It is important to treat cavities early to prevent further decay, pain, and infection. We offer fillings that will match the color of surrounding teeth so your smile will look complete. Call us today to set up an appointment and learn more about what our services can do for you.


A bridge is designed to replace a gap between teeth. When you think of the word “bridge” you may think of something that reaches across a space to connect two points. A dental bridge accomplishes this by connecting the teeth on either side of a gap and fills the space to restore the functionality of your teeth and improve the appearance of your smile. The bridge resembles a natural tooth in its appearance and may even match the color of surrounding teeth. It can be made from various materials, including gold alloy, porcelain and metal alloy, or ceramic. If you are missing a tooth, it is important you receive dental attention to prevent further problems. When a tooth is missing, several things can happen, such as other teeth can shift since they rely on surrounding teeth for support. With a gap, the rest of your teeth can become misaligned and the overall functionality of your bite can be negatively affected. The jaw also lacks support as surrounding teeth weaken and can be lost, contributing to gum disease. Bridges effectively replace a space between teeth. Call us today to learn more about what bridges can do for you.

Dental Implants

Dental implants permanently replace missing teeth. A titanium shaft is inserted into the jaw bone and effectively roots a prosthetic tooth into place. The implant also serves to stabilize the jaw bone and obviate bone loss that results from missing teeth. Unlike a dental bridge, an implant does not put pressure on surrounding teeth. If the prosthetic tooth deteriorates, it is simple to replace it by attaching a new tooth to the shaft. Further, dental implants serve as an alternative to partial dentures, which require frequent removal. Rather, implants lend permanent functionality without the discomfort of an adjustment period. To learn more about our restorative dentistry treatments, contact our Murray office today.


Dentures serve as removable prosthetics for missing teeth. The appliance allows one to bite, talk, and smile unimpeded. Some patients need full dentures to replace all teeth, and may require the removal of any loose or damaged teeth. Partial dentures, which replace only some teeth on an arch, may be the best option for some patients. There is an adjustment period in which a wearer gets used to wearing dentures but the effect is restored dental support and strength, as well as an enhanced smile. Call us today to make an appointment and learn more about dentures as a solution for your dental needs.